Efficiency for increasing seed oil content using WRINKLED1 and DGAT1 under the control of two seed-specific promoters, FAE1 and Napin

Hyojin Kim, Hyun Uk Kim, Mi Chung Suh
2012 Journal of Plant Biotechnology  
Seed storage oils are essential resources for not only human and animal diets but also industrial applications. The primary goal of this study was to increase seed oil content through comparative analysis of two seed-specific promoters, AtFAE1 from Arabidopsis Fatty Acid Elongase 1 gene and BnNapin from Brassica napus seed storage protein gene. AtWRI1 and AtDGAT1 genes encoding an AP2-type transcription factor and a Diacylglycerol Acyltransferase 1 enzyme, respectively, were expressed under the
more » ... expressed under the control of AtFAE1 and BnNapin promoters in Arabidopsis. The total seed oil content in all transgenic plants was increased by 8-11% compared with wild-type seeds. The increased level of oil content in AtWRI1 and AtDGAT1 transgenic lines under the control of both promoters was similar, although the activity of the BnNapin promoter is much stronger than that of AtFAE1 promoter in the mature stage of developing seeds where storage oil biosynthesis occurs at a maximum rate. This result demonstrates that the AtFAE1 promoter as well as the BnNapin promoter can be used to increase the seed oil content in transgenic plants.
doi:10.5010/jpb.2012.39.4.242 fatcat:qk2qlwru5rc7xnuc33ppyqi3i4