Two Multicasting Schemes for Irregular 3D Mesh-based Bufferless NoCs

Chaoyun Yao, Chaochao Feng, Mingxuan Zhang, Shouzhong Zhu, Shaojun Wei, J.Y. Li, T.Y. Liu, T. Deng, M. Tian
2015 MATEC Web of Conferences  
INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the technology applications and programming models in the Multi-Processors System-on-Chip (MPSoC), the multicast communications and the broadcast communications are becoming common. In a multi-processors system, the cache-coherent shared memory protocols (such as directory-based or token-based) require one-to-many or broadcast communications to require shared data or invalidate shared data on diverse cache blocks [1]. It has been stated that only 3-5% multicast traffic
more » ... ulticast traffic will have a serious impact on system performance in the total network traffic [1]. Thus, the supporting multicast communication in NoC can enhance system performance significantly. However, for the moment, Multicasting chip router designs [2, 3, 4, 5] are only on the buffer router. There is almost no router designs that sustains multicasting on the bufferless router. On the other hand, the following issues make the multicast communication more complicated. The first issue is the irregular topology structure. Applying virtualization [6] allows multiple applications mapping to different sub-network at the NoC level. The sub-network is often irregular and it negates regular routing algorithms, such as odd-even routing, XY routing and so on [7] . The other is many kinds of application communication behavior, such as embedded systems, desktop applications. As a result, the customized multicast routing approaches as the using routing tables may not suit to them. The 3D NoC architecture is widely studied in the network topology [8] [9], router architecture [10] [11] , and routing algorithms [12] [13] . The general 3D plane mesh architecture is shown in Figure 1 . Several multicast approaches have been proposed for Network-on-Chip on the general mesh topology. The low Distance multicast (LD) [3] algorithm is a ABSTRACT: In this paper, the authors proposed two multicast routing algorithms for irregular 3D mesh-based Bufferless Interconnection Network. The DRM-1 scheme sends multicast through a non-deterministic path. The DRM-2 scheme broke multicast into multiple single packets. Compared with the DRM-1 multicast routing algorithm, DRM-2 scheme with four different synthetic workloads acquires high system performance.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20152201028 fatcat:uqnqq2uv7rae3fxesxfsz3ohv4