Interstate Commerce Commission, Report of the Accident Investigation Occurring on the CHICAGO AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY, LYNDHURST. WI

there was a derailment an the Chicago & Sorth Western Railway near Lyndhnret. Wis*, which resulted ia the death of the engineman, eonduotor, baggage* aan, brakemaa, express aeseengsr and one passenger, and the Injury of six employees, three Pullman employeee and sixtytwo passengers. One mall clerk died afterwards of Injuries received* The train involved in this aooident was southbound train So* 113* It was la charge of engineman Jane a and conductor Sushey, and consisted of one combination mall
more » ... ne combination mall and baggage ear, one baggage oar, one smoking oar, one chair oar, six Pullman sleeping ears, and Chicago a Berth Vetera business oar ?4o. 403, all of wooden construction, hauled ay engine So, TO, Train Mo, 113 was bound for Chicago. It left gland, Wis., its last stopping point, at 2:01 a* su, and was derailed at 2i34 a.m. whea within one and one-half miles cf Lyndhurst, a station 31 miles south of SIand. The engine aad first seven cars were derailed* The combination oar and the baggage car, in ^ioh latter Car the conductor, brakemaa, baggageman and stress messenger were riding at the time, ware badly damaged and tslescopsd, tha roof being the only part of tha baggage ear left intact, while the Kail end of tho combination car was telescoped for a diataaos cf about 25 feet. Ths vestibules, windows, aad a few seats of the Bracking car and chair car ware damaged, while the three sleeping ear*! *hleh were derailed were only slightly damaged.
doi:10.21949/1506186 fatcat:2ohiefqlmvhwflpayudx7a2i6q