Global and Local Real-Time Anomaly Detectors for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery

Chunhui Zhao, Yulei Wang, Bin Qi, Jia Wang
2015 Remote Sensing  
Anomaly detection has received considerable interest for hyperspectral data exploitation due to its high spectral resolution. A well-known algorithm for hyperspectral anomaly detection is the RX detector. A number of variations have been studied since then, including global and local versions for different type of anomalies. Aiming at a real-time requirement for practical applications, this paper extends the concept of global and local anomaly detectors to be real-time detectors. The algorithms
more » ... ors. The algorithms exploit the fact that a true real-time detector must produce its output in a causal manner and at the same time as an input comes in. Taking advantage of the Woodbury matrix identity, the global and local real-time detectors can be implemented and processed pixel-by-pixel in real time. Both synthetic and real hyperspectral imagery are conducted to demonstrate their performance.
doi:10.3390/rs70403966 fatcat:dl6uf7mx35ckfj5tttciwgiawy