A phase-controlled 12-pulse rectifier with unity displacement factor without phase shifting transformer

Y.B. Blauth, I. Barbi
APEC '98 Thirteenth Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition  
This paper presents a three-phase 12-pulse phasecontrolled rectifier with unity displacement factor, low line current harmonic content, two quadrant operation and absence of phase shifting transformer. The circuit is composed by two three-phase 6-pulse rectifiers parallel connected by four balancing reactors. One is a conventional thyristor rectifier with a lag firing angle (a). The other is an active rectifier composed by GTOs or IGBTs and diodes, operating with a lead (and symmetrical) firing
more » ... symmetrical) firing angle (-a). The 12-pulse operation with line frequency modulation provides a 5-level line current with reduction or cancellation of certain harmonics. Circuit operation, theoretical analysis, key equations, along with experimental and simulation results are presented. 0-7803-4340-9/98/$10.00 0 1998 IEEE.
doi:10.1109/apec.1998.654016 fatcat:uiaqkc6pazcshd2xsadzok4vzy