XL.—Synthetical researches on ethers.— No. 1. Synthesis of ethers from acetic ether

E. Frankland, B. F. Duppa
1866 Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed)  
From the Philosophical Trtmssctiom, Vol, clvi, p. 31.) IN his researches upon lactic acid Wurtz* contends with considerable force for the dibasicity of this acid, supporting his view by the transformation of monobasic into &basic lactic ether by the consecutive action of sodium and ethylic iodide, as expressed in the followiiig equations : * Ann. Ch. Phys. lix, 161. analysis, it yielded the following results : -92075 grm. gave 05594 grm. carbonic anhydride and 02313 grm. These numbers agree
more » ... e numbers agree with the formula water. as seen from the following comparison : Calculated. Found.
doi:10.1039/js8661900395 fatcat:s2mca53hyre35ibywoagn22kdq