Posture Symmetry based Motion Capture System for Analysis of Lower -limbs Rehabilitation Training

Seok-Jun Lee, Soon-Ki Jung
2011 Journal of Korea Multimedia Society  
This paper presents a motion capture based rehabilitation training system for a lower-limb paretic patient. The system evaluates the rehabilitation status of the patient by using the bend posture of the knees and the weight balance of the body. The posture of both legs is captured with a single camera using the planar mirror. The weight distribution is obtained by the Wii Balance Board. Self-occlusion problem in the tracking of the legs is resolved by using k-nearest neighbor based clustering
more » ... th body symmetry and local-linearity of the posture data. To do this, we present data normalization and its symmetric property in the normalized vector space.
doi:10.9717/kmms.2011.14.12.1517 fatcat:wiraagdgbvcszoswrylxxvaddi