Heisenberg idempotents on unipotent groups

Tanmay Deshpande
2010 Mathematical Research Letters  
Let G be an algebraic group over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic such that its neutral connected component is a unipotent group. We consider a certain class of closed idempotents in the braided monoidal category (under convolution of complexes) D_G(G) known as Heisenberg idempotents. For such an idempotent e, we will prove certain results about the Hecke subcategory eD_G(G) conjectured by V. Drinfeld. In particular, we will see that it is the bounded derived category of
more » ... derived category of a modular category.
doi:10.4310/mrl.2010.v17.n3.a4 fatcat:bw7lzia2n5ex5kmkmdt6c5jtte