Research for Efficient Massive File I/O on Parallel Programs
병렬 프로그램에서의 효율적인 대용량 파일 입출력 방식의 비교 연구

Gyuhyeon Hwang, Youngtae Kim
2017 Journal of Internet Computing and services  
Since processors are handling inputs and outputs independently on distributed memory computers, different file input/output methods are used. In this paper, we implemented and compared various file I/O methods to show their efficiency on distributed memory parallel computers. The implemented I/O systems are as following: (i) parallel I/O using NFS, (ii) sequential I/O on the host processor and domain decomposition, (iii) MPI-IO. For performance analysis, we used a separated file server and
more » ... ile server and multiple processors on one or two computational servers. The results show the file I/O with NFS for inputs and sequential output with domain composition for outputs are best efficient respectively. The MPI-IO result shows unexpectedly the lowest performance. ☞ keyword : Parallel I/O, Collective I/O, Distributed memory computer, MPI-IO, NFS ISSN 1598-0170 (Print)
doi:10.7472/jksii.2017.18.2.53 fatcat:tlqw5ejwgzgt3cwqdlq4xogh2y