Effects of enamel matrix derivative on periodontal tissue regeneration : focusing on radiographic observation

Naoko Yoshikawa, Yoshio Kotsu, Chizuko Ogata, Yoichiro Taguchi, Toshikatsu Koike, Yukiko Tomii, Shoichiro Terada, Mika Ueda, Michiko Noguchi, Kazuki Ogiso, Masatoshi Ueda
2011 Journal of Osaka Dental University  
To confirm the eftectiveness of the use of enamel matrix derivative (EMD) on periodontai tissue regeneration, we performed tlap operations applying EMD (EMD group) and without applying it (centrol group), radiographically observed the size of the alveolar bone defect, and clinically compared the two groups. Based on the size of bone defect and the three clinical parameters of gingival recession {GR), pocket depth (PD), and clinical attachment level {CAL), the EMD group presented a favorable
more » ... ical course for each observation criteion compared with the control groups. There were signifieant differences for all criteria except for the size of the bone defect and GR 3 months after surgery. In particular, the EMD and Controi groups both showed marked differences in CAL, which is a parameter of periodontal tissue destruction, on each observation, confirming the effectiveness of EMD for periodontal regeneration.
doi:10.18905/jodu.45.2_265 fatcat:w4mqyxqz2jagvmmalz7lvqbnd4