A Study on performance enhancement of VLC systems using MIMO techniques

Venkateswari R, Fathima Suhana M
2021 Proceedings of the First International Conference on Combinatorial and Optimization, ICCAP 2021, December 7-8 2021, Chennai, India   unpublished
There is dramatic increase in wireless traffic due to the demand of high speed internet services such as M2M, Cloud based services, video conferences, online gaming, web browsing etc.This huge global demand of bandwidth find it complex to accomodate in the existing RF spectrum. So alternative wireless technologies that will ease this 'Spectrum crunch' need to be implemented as soon as possible. The technology must be able to provide ultra high data rates to end users. Visible Light
more » ... , which is a subset of Optical Wireless communi-cation technology have unregulated, unlicensed bandwidth.It can provide dual function of illumination and communication at high data rates.This paper gives a study on performance enhancement of MIMO VLC Systems.
doi:10.4108/eai.7-12-2021.2314767 fatcat:nxd5rqmxkbay7mvntcass7s2nq