The fault identification by gravity and seismology in West Lembang Segment

Agus Laesanpura, Afnimar, Darharta Dahrin, Dadi Abdurachman
2019 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
The Lembang fault considering vulnerable because of the site is near downtown Bandung. The west Lembang segment is the rural area of Cibodas. The two opinions is emerging, become normal fault or strike slip fault, based on recent earthquake (2010 onward). The geology data show the structure is observed by the outstanding topographic extended about 20 km, with volcanic rock very dominant. The seismology data is analysed for year 2011 in Mw less than 3, and classical fault plane solution is
more » ... ed. The gravity data is better acquired than 0.1 mGal, with elevation precision better than 60 cm. The upward Continuation, and second vertical derivative, is applied on data, as well as modelling 2.5D. The section is presenting in one section only, while data is getting in larger area. The seismology data show mostly for event is strike slip although in several parts having event normal. The gravity data is not ideal as graben like structure but rather locally low about 10 mGal amplitude. The combining the two methods suggested the slip zone or sag pond is more possible for the local anomaly. Besides, the Lembang fault is extended toward north rather to west or south.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/311/1/012057 fatcat:wl3tveg3nrdgzkd3hjlizpflq4