Novel Face Recognition Framework for Plastic Surgery and Unconstrained Facial Datasets

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Since from the last decade, the importance of efficient and robust face recognition becomes interesting research problem due to its growing demand in user authentication process across different applications. Several face recognition method designed by considering the challenges of constrained and unconstrained face acquisition. The performance of face recognition systems becomes worst while working with unconstrained and plastic surgery datasets. The unconstrained dataset may contain the
more » ... y contain the significant variations in illumination, expressions, and face image quality. This paper proposed the novel face recognition framework which is built on top of hybrid face descriptor and hybrid features extraction technique. The purpose of hybrid face descriptor is to achieve the bridge the gap between spatial information and histogram representations to address the challenges of unconstrained face conditions efficiently. The hybrid features extraction includes the histogram features (single and multi-level) and invariant features. Since the moment invariant features become effective shape descriptor to address the challenges of unconstrained face images, we proposed 11 different invariant moments from the hybrid face descriptor. To normalize and reduce the features, we applied lightweight features selection technique. The experimental result shows that proposed face recognition framework improves the overall accuracy different datasets
doi:10.35940/ijeat.f8119.088619 fatcat:3ldcn7vpobh7dcon4lj2rjfwcy