Reading meaning of architectural work in a living heritage

Atiek Suprapti, I. Iskandar
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
The purpose of this article is to examine an analyzing procedures for reading the meaning of culture's architectural work in a living heritage. Culture and architecture are inseparable parts. Architecture is composed of combination of signs ordered by certain codes that should be known and understood. Semiotic is a method that places architecture in a sign system, which follows to certain rules of the game. The predicate of an architectural work in the living heritage was more than just a
more » ... e than just a monument, but it proceeds of living side by side with humans. The Semiotic procedure could be used to read its meaning by adding a stage of understanding. Using analytical-descriptive methods to investigate theoretical views, to explain semiotic analysis techniques, and to present of interview results, with the case of the Carahulu Komering house in Palembang South Sumatra. The views of semiotic architecture emphasize on the structure of signs, symbols and also gave attention to the process of meaning. However, in the case of investigation in a living heritage is needed placing signs and symbols as a human's work should be understood, not merely as a fact which is seen as an object only. In this way a communication to the actors as subject was needed. The result shows this procedure could answer the culture's architectural work meanings understood by its community as well as in general.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/402/1/012023 fatcat:igtuded2t5dk7lcbe7d4avngly