Ruptured Extra-Uterine Gestation Successfully Treated by Abdominal Section

J. McNaught
1888 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Jan. 21, U8 ] THR BRITISHI MEI)DCAL JOIURNALw 129 ond On her return, September 5th, she exores(e lhersilr as feeling well, and lhad walkod four tidiies thu day bofore her returnl. Tue cyst was snulltilocillar, filled1 with pwq anud gruiious blood, which smitte(n a most fiatid odlour. Alter tlho operationm I should also note shoe Passed large quanitities of fetidI puis per vainalrn. CAms ir.-Mrs. It. had uiffered a long timo from hea'lache, lain in tlhO groins, hack, arms, ande sides. Shie
more » ... e sides. Shie cornmlained of a " catching iu hier breath." Sh1ei haid also b)eating.down puin, pain on defwlnatmon, and dlysparounia. Sihe was qiuite unable to follow her ocfciupationi. On examination the os was foundil in(duiratedl, patuloun, Rnul the womr) enlargoid ono in(ch. A small, movable tumnour, exliui'4itely painoful to touch, was foun,!it in I.ouglas's pouch, andl dliagnoseul as a prrol4ps-Al ovary. It was the righit ovary. Sthe hail never hcen turate-l for uterinie coiplaint. The glieat.lasihe' and the ' cat( hlpes in her br (ath," and(l the other subjrctive lidenoimena, liad been treatedl with no bentit. Olpration for r.i'tinval ot the ovary was lperfornied on .1TI ne 30th, T886. She vomited exceedin-ly after the operation, but dlid nrt he. csome collapseol. After the first tbree days recoverv wats uninterrupteil, an(d she was able to leave lhone fnr Bridlington 1n the first wveek of August. On Seiptemiber 6th hIr. WVlito relorts: "She has rettirne( frouii lridliugton sftronger in every way. She has resume(l her householl duties, all the syimptoums are abated, dysPprennia is gone." This last statement i4 particularly interesting andl imnportant. C,%si iii.-Mrs. 1'. ha(l fallen (lownstairs a year ago, an(d after-
doi:10.1136/bmj.1.1412.129 fatcat:a6eq56hwyfeizhzjcjlkddry3q