Magnetostrictive Sensor for Blockage Detection in Pipes Subjected to High Temperatures

Alberto M. Pernía, Héctor Andrés Mayor, Miguel J. Prieto, Pedro J. Villegas, Fernando Nuño, Juan A. Martín-Ramos
2019 Sensors  
The use of solar thermal power plants is considered a cost-effective alternative to produce renewable energy. Unlike other energy installations, in this type of plants the transfer and storage of energy has been solved by using molten salts. These salts run between two tanks through the steam generation system that feeds the turbine. Although the use of salts as a heat transfer fluid is considered an adequate solution, they are not without problems. One of them is the formation of blockages in
more » ... on of blockages in the pipes due to a partial solidification of the salt, which leads to the shutdown of the installation, with the consequent economic losses. Fast location of these blockages in a minimally intrusive way is the objective pursued in this work. The method to achieve this is based on the use of a new magnetostrictive sensor that simplifies previous designs.
doi:10.3390/s19102382 fatcat:rmcgw6ruczf5rfljjstdy7klua