A Novel Vision-Based Towing Angle Estimation for Maritime Towing Operations

Xiong Zou, Wenqiang Zhan, Changshi Xiao, Chunhui Zhou, Qianqian Chen, Tiantian Yang, Xin Liu
2020 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering  
The demand for non-powered facility towing is increasing with the development of large-scale offshore projects. It is of great interest for its safe operation to measure the state of the towing process in real time. This paper proposed a computer vision algorithm designed to measure the tug yawing during the towing operation by estimating the towing line angle. The geometrical projection of the towing line from 3D to 2D is described in detail. By fixing the camera at specific locations and
more » ... ifying the calculation procedure, the towing line angle in the 3D world can be estimated by the line angle in the image. Firstly, the sea–sky line is detected to estimate the rolling angle of the tug in the captured image. Then, the towing line angle is calculated by an image processing method. At the same time, the estimation of the towing angle is achieved through the captured video data analysis. Finally, field experiments were carried out and the results demonstrated that this method is suitable for real-time calculation of the towing angle during the towing operation.
doi:10.3390/jmse8050356 fatcat:jmxzbjar2rgo7dbtlcuwk35dp4