Scaffolding change

Alison Hicks
2020 Journal of Information Literacy  
We talk a lot about scaffolding in information literacy; the educational concept that refers to the provision of temporary and successive levels of learner support (Vygotsky, 1978). This issue of the Journal of Information Literacy is the product of a great deal of scaffolding as outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Emma Coonan, and Managing Editor, Michelle O'Connell guided me through the editorial handover, including the joys of the body-less emails that the journal system sends us, and the secret
more » ... nd the secret hidden places to look when you "just want to acknowledge a reviewer how hard can it be". It is also thanks to them that the current issue is coming out on time and seeded with interesting articles, albeit slightly fewer than normal.
doi:10.11645/14.1.2803 fatcat:oannqrwjxrbcdiledskmryzraa