2018 International Journal of Language Academy  
Since 1980s, with the popularization of computer technologies in a way encompassing ordinary users, software localization industry has appeared and by expanding its effect area over time and with the arrival of new technologies, web localization and game localization industries have also emerged, thanks to the huge dimension of internet and gaming sector. Especially since the year 2000, when the millenium age began to take place, smart phones have also been popularized instead of ordinary
more » ... phones. The rapid development of nanotechnology means that as computers begin to reach the consumers in mobile phone sizes, they no longer need desktops or even laptops to follow their daily chores. In this study, we provided information on the localization of mobile device applications that enable consumers to do their daily chores, to pay bills and communicate with each other, and even to watch videos and play games. In the study we also compared the foreign language and localized versions of the mobile communication program entitled Whatsapp Messenger in terms of the employed strategies and approaches and as a result it was seen that fidelity based translation approach was adopted.
doi:10.18033/ijla.3988 fatcat:wxziuh2dmbcerg6gxco52usgwm