Selectivity in the Extraction of Copper(II) with a New Alkylated 8-Quinolinol Derivative with a Nitrophenylazo Subsituent

Hisanori IMURA, Hideyuki IKEDA, Kayoko NAKAYAMA, Kousaburo OHASHI
1993 Analytical Sciences  
The extraction behavior of Mn", Fe", Co", Ni", Cu", Zn", Gai", and Cd" was studied with a new chelating extractant, 5-(4-nitrophenylazo)-7-(4-ethyl-l-methyloctyl)-8-quinolinol (HNEQ), in chloroform. HNEQ exhibits a much higher extractability for Co", Cu", Zn", and Cd" than 8-quinolinol. Especially, Cu" was quantitatively extracted with 0.001 mol dm-3 of HNEQ at such a low pH as 2.0 within 15 min, and was readily separated from the other metal(II, III) ions studied. From equilibrium studies, the
more » ... ibrium studies, the extracted Cu"-HNEQ chelate was ascertained to be Cu(NEQ)2. The extraction constant (log Kex) was determined to be 4.25, which was much larger than those for 7-(4-ethyl-1-methyloctyl)-8-quinolinol (Kelex 100) and 8-quinolinol.
doi:10.2116/analsci.9.355 fatcat:6cyvcewllngv5dhpj25sbejb34