Efficient Enzymatic Routes for the Synthesis of New Eight-membered Cyclic β-Amino Acid and β-Lactam Enantiomers

Enikő Forró, Loránd Kiss, Judit Árva, Ferenc Fülöp
2017 Molecules  
Efficient enzymatic resolutions are reported for the preparation of new eight-membered ring-fused enantiomeric β-amino acids [(1R,2S)-9 and (1S,2R)-9] and β-lactams [(1S,8R)-3, (1R,8S)-3 (1S,8R)-4 and (1R,8S)-7] , through asymmetric acylation of (±)-4 (E > 100) or enantioselective hydrolysis (E > 200) of the corresponding inactivated (±)-3 or activated (±)-4 β-lactams, catalyzed by PSIM or CAL-B in an organic solvent. CAL-B-catalyzed ring cleavage of (±)-6 (E > 200) resulted in the unreacted
more » ... in the unreacted (1S,8R)-6, potential intermediate for the synthesis of enantiomeric anatoxin-a. The best strategies, in view of E, reaction rate and product yields, which underline the importance of substrate engineering, are highlighted.
doi:10.3390/molecules22122211 pmid:29236036 fatcat:ldcjmlzlyjgohb4sxoq4a3o3wq