Applications of artificial intelligence in echocardiography

2020 Heart and metabolism : management of the coronary patient  
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a significant technological advance that underlies many aspects of modern life. Computer-aided detection is increasingly being applied to cardiovascular imaging such as echocardiography. AI improves the accuracy and reliability of echocardiographic measurements, reduces diagnostic errors, and minimizes interobserver variability. Research of, access to, and investment in AI-enhanced echocardiography has the potential to improve the diagnosis of cardiovascular
more » ... cardiovascular disease (CVD), particularly in regional and remote areas, and allows for prognostication and risk stratification of age-related CV events. This review describes how AI-enhanced echocardiography can lead to improvements in image interpretation and in the diagnosis and prognostication of CVD. It also outlines the challenges precluding widespread adoption of AI tools in echocardiographic practice at the current time.
doi:10.31887/hm.2020.82/tmarwick fatcat:nsrlxj4gkzci7fuvu5lftpyrve