Resonant leptogenesis in a predictiveSO(10)grand unified model

Carl H. Albright, S. M. Barr
2004 Physical Review D  
An SO(10) grand unified model considered previously by the authors featuring lopsided down quark and charged lepton mass matrices is successfully predictive and requires that the lightest two right-handed Majorana neutrinons be nearly degenerate in order to obtain the LMA solar neutrino solution. Here we use this model to test its predictions for baryogenesis through resonant-enhanced leptogenesis. With the conventional type I seesaw mechanism, the best predictions for baryogenesis appear to
more » ... enesis appear to fall a factor of three short of the observed value. However, with a proposed type III seesaw mechanism leading to three pairs of massive pseudo-Dirac neutrinos, resonant leptogenesis is decoupled from the neutrino mass and mixing issues with successful baryogenesis easily obtained.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.70.033013 fatcat:mmtulmhkefewparuuccprk63e4