Design of Tapered Flatted End Tube for Tension and Compression Loading

2019 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology  
Hollow circular tube has the most efficient section in space structure. Hollow circular tube joint either welding or bolting but welding aluminum structural alloys lead to unavoidable annealing which can reduce efficiency to the order of only 50%. The efficiency of riveted and bolted joints is usually assumed to be around 75% in both aluminum and steel construction. Welded connections give the maximum strength in steel space structures and used for large spans. Hollow circular tube flatted at
more » ... r tube flatted at the end for single bolted connection and at flatted end increase this thickness for reducing stresses and this thicker plate make a hole for single bolted connection. Study this performance for varies the tapered flattened angle tube. Apply vertically upward and downward incremental load on the tapered flatted end tube at fixed bolted joint in ANSYS. Run this model for maximum shear stress and maximum principal stress. Find out the allowable tensile and compression stress in simple hollow circular tube in SAP2000 as per IS800-2007.. Find out the design load as per maximum shear stress theories and maximum principal stress theories
doi:10.35940/ijeat.f8294.088619 fatcat:fpluk2g4hzd6fmnhi4ocph3j5i