Systematic Revision of the Sucker Creek and Trout Creek Miocene Floras of Southeastern Oregon

Alan Graham
1963 American Journal of Botany  
GRAHAM, ALAN. (U. Michigan, Ann Arbor.) Systematic revision of the Sucker Creek and Trout Creek Miocene floras of southeastern Oregon. Amer. Jour. Bot. 50(9): 921-936. Illus. 1963.-The Sucker Creek flora is preserved in shales of volcanic origin exposed in Malheur County, southeastern Oregon. A study of the flora has been made and the systematic revisions presented. The following new species are described: Osmutula claytonites, Davallia solidites, Shepherdia argenteaites, Jlagnolia ouulala,
more » ... gnolia ouulala, Anoda suckerensis, and Platanus youngii. A new combination, Hiraea knowltoni (Berry), is proposed. Additional synonymies, Incertae Sedis, and other taxonomic changes are included. The Trout Creek flora is to the west of Sucker Creek in Harney County, southeastern Oregon. The fossils are preserved in diatomite. Four new species are described: Equisetum miocenicum, Goss!lpiwn arnoldii, Urena rniocenica, and Spiraea miocenica. New combinations are Pterulium calabazensis (Dorf), and Nyrnphaea rotunda (Arnold). A revised species list is given for the 2 floras. The Sucker Creek flora contains 41 families, 60 genera, and 69 species, presently identified. The Trout Creek flora contains 29 families, 51 genera, and 75 species. The distributional, ecologic, and geologic interpretations of the 2 floras will be presented in a subsequent publication. Megafossils Equisetaceae Equiseium miocenicuni Graham Polypodiaceae Polypodium fertile MacGinitie (P. vulgare group) Pieridium calabazensis (Dorf) Graham (P. aquilinum [L.] Kuhn) Cupressaceae Chamaecyparis linguaefolia (Lesquereux) MacGinitie (C. lawsoniana Parlatore) Thuja dimorpha (Oliver) Chaney and Axelrod (1'. plicata D. Don.: T. orientalis L.) Pinaceae Abies laiicarpus :\IacGinitie (A. magnifica Murray) Keteleeria heterophylloides (Berry) Brown (K. davidiana Beissner) Picea lahoniense MacGinitie (P. engelmannii Engelm.; P. glauca Voss) Picea magna MacGinitie Picea sonomensis Axelrod (P. breweriana Watson; P. asperata Masters; P. likiangensis Pritzel; P. smiihiana Beissner) , Pinus harneyana Chancy and Axelrod (P. taeda L.; P. ponderosa group) Pseudotsuqa sonomensis Dorf (P. taxifolia [Poiret] Britton) Tsuga sonomeneis Axelrod (1'. heterophylla Sargent) Liliaccae Smilax magna Chaney (S. rotundifolia L.; S. hispida Muhl.; S. bona-nox L.; S. glauca Walter) Typhaceae Typha lcsqucreuxi Cockerell (1'. latifolia L.; T. angustifolia L.) Aceraceae AceI' bendirei Lcsqucroux (A. saccharinum L.) AceI' bolaiuleri Lesquereux (A. saccharum group) AceI' columbianwn Chaney and Axelrod (A. qlabrum group) AceI' glabroides Brown (A. rubruni L.) AceI' minor Knowlton (A. negundo L.) AceI' oreqonianum Knowlton (A. macrophullum Pursh) AceI' scottiae :\IacGinitie (A. picium. group) Aquifoliaceae /lex [uloa YIacGinitie (I. aquijolium L.; I. dipyrena Wall) Berberidaceae Mahonia molheurensis Arnold (M.fortunei Scheider; M. confusa Sprague) Mahonia reiiculaia (MacGinitie) Brown (M. repens [Lindley] D. Don.: M. nervosa [Pursh] Nuttall) Mahonia simplex (Newberry) Arnold (M. beali Carriere) Betulaceae Alnus harneyana Chaney and Axelrod (A. tenuifolia Nuttall; A. hirsuta Turczaninow) Alnus hollandiana Jennings (A. rhombijolia Nuttall; A. rugosa Sprengel; A. crispa Koch) Betula thor Knowlton (B. papyrifera Marshall) Betula vera Brown (B. luiea Michaux) Betula sp. (seeds) Carpinus payettensis Smith (C. caroliniana Walters) Ostrya oreqoniana Chaney (0. virginiana [Miller] Koch) Ebenaceae Diospyros oregoniana (Lesquereux) Chaney and Axelrod (D. virginiana L., D. kaki L.) Ericaceae Arbutus trainii :\IacGinitie (A. menziesii Pursh; A. xolapensis H. B. & K.) Fagaceae Castanea spokancnsis (Knowlton) Chaney and Axelrod (C. dentata [Marsh.] Borghauscn) Lithocarpus klamathensis (MacGinitie) Axelrod (L. densiflora [H. & A.] Rehder) Quercus consimili» Newberry (Q. stenophylla Makino; Q. myrsinaefolia Blume) Quercus dayana Knowlton (Q. virginiana group) Quercus hannibali Dorf (Q. chrysolepis Liebmann) Quercus eimuiata Knowlton Quercus sp. (acorns) J uglandaceae Carya betulirei (Lesquereux) Chaney and Axelrod (C. ovata [Miller] Koch) Juglans bl'owniana Chaney and Axelrod (J. nigra L.) Lauraceae Lindera oreqoniana (Knowlton) Chaney and Axelrod (L. angustifolia Cheng) Persea peeudocarolinensis Lcsquercux (P. borbonia [L.] Sprengl.; P. pubescens [Pursh] Sargent) Leguminosae (pods)
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