Application of Segway machine for floor cleaning with adjustable wiper

Ganesh Jadhav, Maruti Yamgar, Abhijit Surwase, Ravikank Deshmukh, Rahul Patil, U Scholars
1704 International Journal of Scientific Development and Research   unpublished
The adjustable wiper is attached to the Segway machine which can clean the any type and at any size of floor a semi-automatic floor cleaning machine is developed by keeping basic consideration for less energy consumption, machine as well as operational cost reduction, reduce the human effort, environment friendly and easy to handle. Base of the project was to use energy which will have less environmental impact and easy to construct for commercial scale in future. Floor cleaning machine should
more » ... rovide a safe and healthy environment for residents and visitors, and cleaning of common spaces plays a vital role. Cleaning should be an environmental enhancement, not a source of unintended pollution. By definition, cleaning is the removal of unwanted matter, contaminants, or pollutants from the environment, or the prevention of soiling; thus, it is or should be green. Cleaning is about removing pollution, not adding to it.