Response of the /sup 1/P/sup 0/ resonance near n = 3 in the H/sup -/ continuum to external electric fields [report]

S. Cohen
1986 unpublished
The response to external electric fields of the resonance in the H~ photodetachment continuum below the n=3 hydrogenic excitation threshold is investigated. Using the relativistic CG = 0.806) 650 MeV H~ beam at the Clinton P. Anderson Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF) in Los Alamos, the fourth harmonic (2.66 nm) of a Nd:YAG laser is Doppler shifted to provide a continuously tunable photon beam in the rest frame of the ions. The magnetic field from pulsed Helmholtz coils, surrounding the photon-H~
more » ... ding the photon-H~ interaction point provides a Lorentz-transformed barycentric electric field. Relative total photodetachntent cross sections were measured as a function of photon energy and electric field. The resulting spectra ware fit to a Fano line shape, or<€) = o a
doi:10.2172/5842274 fatcat:xptms2j6pbdavcb5ja6m3t7lha