Fractal rain distributions and chaotic advection

Ronald Dickman
2004 Brazilian journal of physics  
Localized rain events have been found to follow power-law distributions over several decades, suggesting parallels between precipitation and seismic activity [O. Peters et al., PRL 88, 018701 (2002)]. Similar power laws can be generated by treating raindrops as passive tracers advected by the velocity field of a two-dimensional system of point vortices [R. Dickman, PRL 90, 108701 (2003)]. Here I review observational and theoretical aspects of fractal rain distributions and chaotic advection,
more » ... aotic advection, and present new results on tracer distributions in the vortex model.
doi:10.1590/s0103-97332004000300002 fatcat:3xnejh5lrfctvguo52tdr5n7gq