Notes on a Tour in Asia Minor

A. H. Smith
1887 Journal of Hellenic Studies  
In the summer of 1884 I was permitted to accompany Professor Ramsay on his journey in Asia Minor, assisted by the Senate of the University of Cambridge with a grant from the Worts Fund. To my great regret, however, a fever compelled me to return home after spending only two months in the country, during which time I had been a novice in the various arts required for scientific travel. Hence, therefore, so far as my personal share in the expedition is concerned, the results obtained are limited
more » ... tained are limited both in number and in value. Such as they are, they are embodied in the following pages, and in the accompanying map; I have also introduced matter, as will be seen by the references, of which the credit belongs entirely to Professor Ramsay.It will be seen from a study of the map, that our route during the part of the journey to be discussed in these pages, lay in the upper valley of the Maeander, with its tributary the Karasu (Morsynus); in the upper valley of the Gerenis Tchai (Indus); in the valleys of the Gebren Tchai and of the Istanoz Tchai, and in the district west of the Lake of Buldur. As regards the political divisions, it lay in the border lands of Caria, Phrygia, and Pisidia. The whole journey occupied about five weeks, as we left the railway at Kuyujak on May 28, and rejoined it near Denisli on July 5.
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