Соколов Игорь Владимирович, Смирнов Алексей Алексеевич, Рожков Артем Андреевич
2018 Problemy nedropolʹzovaniâ  
The article gives the results of experimental explosions of a flat explosives system in the conditions of the Kyshtym underground mine. The main task here was to reduce the outcome of the overgrinding quartz fraction -20 mm. The design of the dispersed hole-explosive without any inert filler in air gaps was proposed and tested. The granulometric composition of the ore being broken off by various explosives structures was compared. The dependence of the output of quartz fractions on the specific
more » ... ons on the specific consumption of explosives is revealed. The technical possibility of increasing the efficiency of extraction of valuable raw materials with the proposed technology and parameters of drilling and blasting operations is proved. The expected effect of the conversion to a new way of breaking is to be a reducing of the outcome of the overgrinding fraction by 25 - 40 %.
doi:10.25635/2313-1586.2018.01.014 fatcat:mty3jdqzcjbdley6yutuafzgye