Research Progress of Magnesium Stabilized Aluminum Titanate and New Application of It in Pigment

Junhua Chen, Li Yin, Guo Feng, Feng Jiang, Qianqian Zhao, Shanfang Lan, Mengting Liu, Feifei Zhong, Zuzhi Huang, Jianmin Liu, Qing Hu, Weihui Jiang
2020 Journal of Modern Physics  
Aluminum titanate has been widely used in low expansion applications and its thermal stability has been a hot topic. The stability of aluminium titanate research for improving product quality, and expanding its application field is of great significance. Aluminum titanate as glass melt erosion resistance and high temperature resistant, can be applied to high temperature pigment base. The medium temperature stability of aluminum titanate can be improved by ion doping, and magnesium stability of
more » ... esium stability of aluminum titanate has been widely studied. Therefore aluminium titanate is expected to become an ideal high temperature ceramic base material. In this paper, the preparation technology of magnesium-stabilized aluminum titanate powder was reviewed, and the preparation of magnesium-stabilized aluminum titanate powder by non-hydrolyzed sol-gel was mainly introduced.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2020.1111117 fatcat:hveqwyjtazbqnpfsvmyk2jpqbu