VII. Observations of the Places of the Georgian Planet, made at Edinburgh with an Equatoreal Instrument

John Robison
1790 Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh  
Hence it may be deduced, (by following the method described in a paper formerly read to this Society) that the planet was in opposition January 13a. 04b. 56′ M. T. Greenwich, in longitude, 3a. 23°. 32′. 24″ from the mean equinox, with −°. 30′. 38″ north heliocentric latitude.The error of the theory in longitude is nearly +5″, and in latitude nearly −18″.I attribute this error in latitude to the different manner in which I observed the declinations. I formerly obferved the difference of
more » ... on between the planet and fixed star by means of a common micrometer. But I was obliged to substitute Dr Bradley's rhombus for my micrometer, which had received an injury which I could not get repaired in time. If this be allowed, the error in longitude will be diminished nearly 2″.
doi:10.1017/s0263593300027267 fatcat:eqvqlr4r3rb6dgrh3obhwo32gy