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1890 Scientific American  
Davy, Sheffield, England. This invention relates to the feed rollers of a press for operatiug au large plate blooms and similar work, requiriug to be reduced 10 thickness by successive squeeziugs of consecutive por tions or their leugth, and vertically movable feed rollers are 11 pheld by couu terbalance weights or other yielding power, in connection with mechanism whereby the pres. heau is caused to depress the feed rollers con_ currently with the compression of the iugot. FLOOR JACK. -James
more » ... Bean, Iron wood , Mich. The head block of this jack haR a grooved heariug face, and on the block is pivotally mouuted a sprral1y inclined cam having a lever arm, while loosely connected to the block is a retainiug block or plate haviug retaiuiug claws. and arranged to be borne upon by the clIm, the jack taking up but small space, and beinl( designed to force all the flooring boards to place except the last one. HUB CLAMP AND WRENCH. -John Sullivan, Grand Rapids, Mich. Thi. is a combination tool for the simultaueons removal of a spindle nnt and the wlieel of a vehicle, and is a simple and compact im plement by the use of which t he hub may be firmly grasped and the wheel. along with the spindle nut, be expeditiously and readily removed. P AN MAKING MACHINE. -Charles A. Codding and Lloyd E. Wilbur, Dowagiac, Mich. This is a machine speCially desil(ned to form ash pans from the sheet metal blanks, and the invention covers various novel details and combinations of part. whereby the pans can be quickly shaped ready to be riveted, while the machlOe requires but little power to operate it.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07121890-26d fatcat:4df2b4l7bbg25oi34znglizyhm