How to "Dial" Back Time and Reduce Our Dependence on Technology

Jonathan Guirguis, Julie M. Fagan
In this day and age our society has become completely dependent on technology. Telling time is just one example, from digital clocks requiring electricity to simple hand-watches containing several gears. This service project aims at educating kids from grades 1-12 on how to make a device out of simple materials that can display the time of day. Two lesson plans have been prepared, one aimed at teaching elementary school children and the other for high-school children. These lesson plans would
more » ... esson plans would aid teachers in giving a one class-period lecture on how to create an accurate sundial. A simple brochure was also created to help teach the students basic history and facts about the sundial. Reason for the service project: As stated before, our society has become extremely dependent on technology. If the power were to go out in our homes, we would not even be able to tell what time it was. This we be a big problem if we needed to get to work or school and had no other way of telling time without the use of electronic gadgets. Yet, telling the time can be as simple as taking a step outside.
doi:10.7282/t37943hv fatcat:6qybf6zeorcxjez6l44o2ctp6a