Distributed Target Location in Wireless Sensors Network: An Approach Using FPGA and Artificial Neural Network

Mauro Rodrigo Larrat Frota e Silva, Glaucio Haroldo Silva de Carvalho, Dionne Cavalcante Monteiro, Leomário Silva Machado
2015 Wireless Sensor Network  
This paper analyzes the implementation of an algorithm into a FPGA embedded and distributed target location method using the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). The objective is to show a method in which an embedded feedforward Artificial Neural Network (ANN) can estimate target location in a distributed fashion against anchor failure. We discuss the lack of FPGA implementation of equivalent methods and the benefits of using a robust platform. We introduce the description of the
more » ... ation and we explain the operation of the proposed method, followed by the calculated errors due to inherent Elliott function approximation and the discretization of decimal values used as free parameters in ANN. Furthermore, we show some target location estimation points in function of different numbers of anchor failures. Our contribution is to show that an FPGA embedded ANN implementation, with a few layers, can rapidly estimate target location in a distributed fashion and in presence of failures of anchor nodes considering accuracy, precision and execution time.
doi:10.4236/wsn.2015.75005 fatcat:hehxij5m7bevfky3du3efxr5ia