Role of Shodhana (purification) in the pharmaceutical processing of Tamra Bhasma and its physico-chemical characterization

2016 International Journal of Current Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
Tamra Bhasma is a metallic Ayurvedic formulation which has been therapeutically used for the treatment of various ailments li ke Kustha (Skin diseases), Parinam sula (Duodenal ulcer), Arsha (Haemorrhoids), Pandu (Anaemia), Swasa (Dyspnoea), etc 1 . for a long time. But the scientific basis of the cause of detoxification of metallic copper is not well documented. More over different pharmaceutical procedures like shodhana(Purification), Marana (Inceneration), and Amritikarana(Nectarisation), etc
more » ... Nectarisation), etc 2 , leads to removal of free copper, starts synthesis of new metallic complexes and detoxifying the Bhasma. Among these process Shodhana is very important, which eliminate adherent impurities, detoxifying he drugs, hard material converted into brittle and also e nhance the drug efficacy. So improperly prepared Tamra Bhasma may cause various illness like Vanti(Vomitting), Bhrama(Halucination), Murchha(Fanting), Daha(Burning sensation), etc 3 . It is therefore very important to prepare Tamra Bhasma of best quality for Ayurvedic therapeutic uses by using classical references and standardized by following scientific quality control procedures and characterization by investigating the physico-chemical changes in the products.
doi:10.22192/ijcrcps.2016.03.11.005 fatcat:o7m7bcvtgrbajbadlf5n2h27sm