Mobile SNS Addiction and User Continuance: An Empirical Investigation of WeChat

2019 Tehnički Vjesnik  
Mobile social networking sites (SNS) have become one of the most popular means of online social interactions. However, that excessive and uncontrolled SNS use may have negative consequences. Recent statistics show that use of mobile SNS can be addictive for some individuals, which can lead to some significant behavioural or psychological problems. This study has extended the dual-process continuance model by examining the impact of users' levels of addiction as important factors that influence
more » ... ors that influence their continuance intention to use WeChat, as one of the most popular mobile SNS in China. Structural equation modelling was used to validate the proposed models and assumptions. Based on survey data from 495 valid responses of WeChat users, we found that the level of mobile SNS addiction augments users' perceptions of perceived usefulness, perceived enjoyment, trusting beliefs and habit, whereas it has no impact on users' satisfaction and loyalty. It can serve as a platform for future research on technology addiction, and for better understanding of addiction-driven system overuse behaviours and their effects on users. The results suggest that the increase in usage time and frequency of use does not necessarily mean higher satisfaction and loyalty to the mobile SNS, perhaps certain addictive symptoms occurring.
doi:10.17559/tv-20190315145418 fatcat:yggnmtpsgvbobgqjtfn2vbzdfa