Association Analyses with Carcass Traits in the Porcine KIAA1717 and HUMMLC2B Genes

D. Q. Xu, Y. Z. Xiong, M. Liu, J. Lan, X. F. Ling, C. Y. Deng, S. W. Jiang
2005 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences  
By screening a subtracted cDNA library constructed with mRNA obtained from the longissimus dorsi muscles of F1 hybrids Landrace×Yorkshire and their Yorkshire female parents, we isolated two partial sequences coding for the H3-K4-specific methyltransferase (KIAA1717) and skeletal muscle myosin regulatory light chain (HUMMLC2B) genes. In the present work we investigated two SNPs, one (C1354T) at the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of KIAA1717 and one (A345G) at the SINE (PRE-1) element of HUMMLC2B,
more » ... ement of HUMMLC2B, in a resource population derived from crossing Chinese Meishan and Large White pig. The selected pigs were genotyped by means of a PCR-RFLP protocol. Significant associations were observed for the KIAA1717 C1354T polymorphic site with thorax-waist backfat thickness (p<0.05), buttock backfat thickness (p<0.05), average backfat thickness (p<0.05), loin eye height (p<0.05), loin eye area (p<0.05), carcass length to 1 st spondyle (p<0.01) and carcass length to 1 st rib (p<0.01). HUMMLC2B A345G were significantly associated with loin eye width (p<0.05), loin eye area (p<0.05). Further studies are needed to confirm these preliminary results. (Asian-Aust.
doi:10.5713/ajas.2005.1519 fatcat:wzzowba6sjgjzonm5pslqwbvni