A Case Study on Settling Process in Inclined-Tube Gravity Sedimentation Tank for Drip Irrigation with the Yellow River Water

Keyuan Wang, Yunkai Li, Shumei Ren, Peiling Yang
2020 Water  
A sedimentation tank which can remove fine sediment with low cost and high efficiency is of great significance for the wide application of drip irrigation techniques with the Yellow River water. In this study, the settling process of an inclined-tube gravity sedimentation tank which has high removal efficiency for fine particles in practice was thoroughly investigated. The sediment concentration distribution in the tank was measured by an optical back-scattering turbidimeter. The sediment
more » ... The sediment thickness at the tank bottom was also measured. In addition, the size grading of sediment deposited at different positions on the tank bottom and at different heights in the inclined tubes was also measured by a laser particle size analyzer. It was found that the removal efficiency of fine sediment was 64.7–69.7% in the inclined-tube gravity sedimentation tank, which was higher than that of the sedimentation tank without inclined tubes (with a sediment removal rate of 20.7–32%). The sediment was mainly deposited in the flow adjustment area and settlement area with inclined tubes. A suitable height for the inclined tubes was 70–90 cm. In addition, the water inlet, baffle, and overflow weir in the tank negatively affected the fine sediment settling in two experiment cases. The experimental results enhance our understanding of the sedimentation characteristics in the tank, and indicate the direction for the subsequent structural optimization of the tank.
doi:10.3390/w12061685 fatcat:oz3ezfkoqjd3dmh57xlmumq5x4