Surgeon-General United States Navy

1879 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
A recent number of the Journal1 contained a communication by Dr. Nathan Allen entitled Changes in Medical Practice. In this article the author lays considerable stress upon certain " changes of organization," 2 to which he ascribes the deterioration of health observable among American women. " Within fifty years," he says, " a great change has taken place in the organization of New England women. With increased nerve tissue there has been a loss of muscular development and physical strength."
more » ... ysical strength." Elsewhere he speaks of " the relations which this increase of nerve tissue has to other organs ; " and again of " the effect which this predominance of nerve tissue has upon domestic life and the laws of maternity." Now, considering how a great a step towards elucidating the nature and causes of the alleged ill health of American women would be accomplished if we could accurately determine the pathology of the morbid conditions prevailing among them, these statements of Dr. Allen's are highly interesting. His communication, however, is very short, and he gives no indication of the pathological facts upon which his assertions are based. With a view to eliciting further information on this important subject, I should like to inquire what pathological evidence exists of an increase of nerve tissue in the women of New England of the present day as compared with their predecessors of fifty years ago, or with the women of other countries. promoted to be a medical inspector, and at the time of his new appointment had reached nearly the top of the list of the fifteen medical inspectors in the service. Dr. Wales is the author of several works on subjects pertaining to medicine and surgery, and is regarded in the service as a gentleman of rare attainments and solid learning. He is about forty-three or forty-five years of age, and is of fine presence. -Maryland Medical Journal. BOSTON DISPENSARY. The report of this institution for the year ending September 30, 1879, is as follows : The number of new patients treated at the central office is 19,733, classified as follows: -Medical : men 3763, women 6461, children 3729. Surgical : men 1718, women 877, children 534. Dental: men 391, women 546, children 701. Skin: men 356, women 354, children 245. Diseases of the nervous system : men 23, women 30, children 5. The number of patients treated in the districts is 14,591, classified as follows : men 2209, women S592, children 7150. Total number of cases treated at the central office and in the districts, 34,684.
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