The Value of Home Education Including Physical Education

Iradge Ahrabi-Fard
2017 International Journal of Applied Exercise Physiology  
There is a false notion that public school can educate great students. Facing diversity of students' potential, different timing of growth pattern and varieties of home preparation of students to be a assiduous learner it is serious challenging task. Schools offer a general education to all with some attention to the diversity of students. It is home education, dealing with concentration habits during learning process, valuing educational process and respecting the rules of group learning that
more » ... re influential in acquiring most from the educational opportunities. School is not able to go against the home culture and re-educate students to behave as a concern and diligent learner if these habits are not emphasized or supported at home. Public education in US is ranked between 18 to 22 in the world (according to different sources). Comparing with the world, American schools as the whole rank first for school structures, are number one for allocation of school budget, the emphasis and requirements of teacher education is number one. America expenditure per student exceed the top ten of the world combined. It is the lack of home education of learning demeanor and respecting the learning process that causes the inferiority. Physical education faces the same general dilemma at school having a very diverse group of students within variety of growth stages, potentials, sizes and capabilities based on their previous experiences. Decent general physical education at school can only offer a limited advancement. It is the responsibilities of parents to learn about the specifics of healthy growth and suitable skill development for their unique child. It is their parental task to act responsibly for the healthy growth of their child concerning: bone density and health, muscular strength, size and endurance, heart development to endure the stress of activities and function well, the range of motion of joints and finally their weight management. All the above detailed items of children healthy growth present requirement for suitable activities to the development of skill learning. Suitably of activities matching the specification of child's growth is crucial to their development. Expecting school with so many diverse population attend single child's needs and direct the program to address them is an undue expectation. Home education make a difference in academic progress and proper physical growth and development of children. Being healthy and living healthy is a behavioral development to address potentials that can only be learned at home and may be strengthened at school, not the other way around.
doi:10.22631/ijaep.v6i3.210 fatcat:6vnzz5hcs5c3xnp35j3leomlbq