Correlation Coefficient Between Fuzzy Numbers Based On Central Interval

Rahim Saneifard, Rasoul Saneifard
2012 Journal of Fuzzy Set Valued Analysis  
When we deal with crisp data, it is very common to find the correlation between variables. Here, we propose a method to calculate the correlation coefficient for fuzzy data, but rather than defining the correlation on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets like most of the previous works, we adopt the method from central interval. This interval can be used as a crisp set approximation with respect to a fuzzy quantity. This indices can be applied for comparison of fuzzy numbers namely fuzzy correlations
more » ... fuzzy correlations in fuzzy environments and expert's systems. Finally some of their applications are mentioned.
doi:10.5899/2012/jfsva-00108 fatcat:v7l75vb5wnbmfmyqsfmuk4n7au