Chromium Diffusion Coating on an ODS Ferritic-Martensitic Steel and Its Oxidation Behavior in Air and Steam Environments

Chaewon Kim, Sung Hwan Kim, Ji-Hwan Cha, Changheui Jang, Tae Kyu Kim
2020 Coatings  
A chromium diffusion coating was applied on an oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic-martensitic (ODS-FM) steel to improve oxidation resistance at high temperature. By carrying out physical vapor deposition followed by inter-diffusion heat treatment, a thin Cr-rich carbide layer was produced on the ODS-FM steel. Both the as-received and surface-modified specimens were oxidation-tested at 650 °C in air and steam environments for 500 h. The surface-modified specimens showed improved oxidation
more » ... proved oxidation resistance in both environments. In an air environment, both conditions exhibited a thin and continuous chromia layer, but the formation of Cr2O3 and (Mn, Cr)3O4 nodules resulted in greater weight gain for the as-received specimen. In a steam environment, weight gain increased for both the as-received and surface-modified specimen. Especially, the as-received specimen showed much greater weight gain with the formation of a thick oxide layer consisted of outer Fe-rich oxide and inner (Fe, Cr, Mn) oxide layers. On the other hand, a thin and continuous chromia layer was formed for the surface-modified specimen, which resulted in much less weight gain in a steam environment.
doi:10.3390/coatings10050492 fatcat:lavrvoemlzgavho5iiv6dzg2ie