The effectivity of fertilization based on hara index to increase grain rice plants production

L H Harahap, E M Harahap, S Sarifudin
2020 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
Fertilizers addition that is in accordance with the vegetative and generative needs of rice plants, the yield of grain production will be able to increase, to see the nutrients needed by rice plants can be seen with a soil nutrient index. The purpose of this study was to make fertilizer recommendations that appropriate with increased growth and production of the plants based on nutrient indextoachieve targeted production. Experimental design research was a factorial completely randomized design
more » ... y randomized design with 2 factors and 3 repeats. First factor was given complete fertilizer (urea, SP-36, KCl, and dolomite), consisted of:0 g/plant; 549.574 g/plant; 824.36 g/plant; 1099.15 g/plant; 1373.94 g/plant. Second factor was soil nutrient indexconsisted of 0.9 (10% reduced dosage); 1 (standard nutrient index); 1.1 (10% added dosage). The result showed that givenfertilizer based on nutrient index significantly effective in grain rice production. The addition of fertilizer in appropriates high dosage of 1373.94 g/plant was able to increase production per plant plotuntil 5 kg/plot.The conclusion of this research is givingnutrient elements that appropriate with vegetative and generative needs of plants, so that maximum production can be achieved in accordance with the desired production target in one harvest period.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/425/1/012002 fatcat:atn2w4mfsjehfi375oyhggv3c4