Prognostic usefulness of estrogen receptor immunocytochemical assays for human breast cancer

E R DeSombre, S M Thorpe, C Rose, R R Blough, K W Andersen, B B Rasmussen, W J King
1986 Cancer Research  
Breast cancers of postmenopausal patients at high risk for recurrence participating in an adjuvant therapy protocol were independently assayed for estrogen receptor by conventional dextran-coated charcoal steroid binding assays and by immunocytochemistry (ER-ICA) to compare the two assays and to assess the prognostic usefulness of ER-ICA. The ER-ICA was based on a monoclonal antibody to the estrogen receptor and was applied to lightly fixed, frozen sections of the cancers. Excellent agreement
more » ... cellent agreement was found between the two estrogen receptor methods. It was found that a combination of the distribution of ER-ICA stained cells and the overall staining intensity gave a statistically significant correlation with the quantitative estrogen receptor dextran-coated charcoal steroid binding assay value. In addition, the overall appraisal of the lesion as ER-ICA positive or negative as well as the ER-ICA staining intensity and proportion of ER-ICA stained cancer cells related to patient disease-free interval and survival, independent of patient lymph node involvement. This relationship of ER-ICA status to prognosis appeared not to relate only to responses to adjuvant tamoxifen treatment since it also was observed with patients who did not receive the antiestrogen.
pmid:2425944 fatcat:mugqiawn5re53idzl2ug3etofm