Future urban energy systems : Harnessing demand side flexibility and managing data uncertainty [thesis]

Delaram Azari
Propositions 1. Through participating in DR program, end-users can provide valuable flexibility to system operators, and therefore can contribute effectively in the energy delivery process, at the expense of little sacrifice to their comfort. (this thesis) 2. Local sensitivity analysis techniques are indispensable tools for the system operators to identify the relative importance of uncertainty and imperfection of input data in their decision making processes. (this thesis) 3. When decisions
more » ... made ignoring least probable outcomes, extremely rare events with catastrophic results might be overlooked. 4. The demand for more sustainable products and services will convert deniers of climate change into important contributors to a sustainable economy. 5. Academic institutions becoming fully part of the economic engine tend to sacrifice their primary objective. 6. Working towards a PhD degree is similar to creating artwork; it's a creative process that starts with intuition, and is completed by learning and implementing useful skills. Propositions belonging to the thesis, entitled Future Urban Energy Systems: Harnessing Demand Side Flexibility and Managing Data Uncertainty
doi:10.18174/521586 fatcat:h6mu25znb5d5jda4bjrq2ydp2a