Türk Oksidentalizmi ve Türk Medyasında Batılı Kadınların Temsili

Per Bauhn, Fatma Fulya Tepe
2017 Galatasaray Üniversitesi Iletişim Dergisi  
Occidentalism" is an umbrella term for various stereotyped images of the West. It is typically gendered, implying views of Western moral standards that are often filtered through a certain perception of Western women. We will look at the particular case of Turkish media representations of Western women from the point of view of occidentalism. Western women are described in positive terms when they choose to marry Turkish men, convert to Islam, and move to Turkey. On the other hand, when these
more » ... men are described in their Western context, they are often portrayed as morally and sexually confused. We hypothesize that these descriptions of Western women exemplify a Turkish occidentalism, morally othering the West and Western women. While our material may not suffice to say anything about the representativity of these views, it is at least sufficient to confirm and illustrate a hypothesis that such an occidentalism indeed exists in Turkish media.
doi:10.16878/gsuilet.324193 fatcat:mlusfzxhozdnvcwcfhwnsyoinm