Migration and Right to Asylum

Elena Pirvu
2018 unpublished
International migration is a complex process involving displacements of persons, whether alone or in groups, outside national borders, based on some political, economic or social considerations that have volunteered or involuntarily led to massive movements of persons or families outside the countries of origin. It involves a simultaneous move in the physical and socio-cultural space, which involves not only a mere movement from one community to another, but also the destruction of the bindings
more » ... in the area of departure and cultural assimilation of the reception environment. In the area of asylum, legislation and practices have experienced unexpected changes in Romania, starting from alignment with the European acquis and ending with the fulfilment of international standards in the field, in order to support those in need of international protection. At the same time, the most useful means to prevent and combat the abuse of asylum facilities by some Asian or African immigrants were found, thus striking a balance between legal migration and asylum.