The influence of electronegativity on linear and triangular three-centre bonds

Christopher A. Ramsden, Antigoni Kotali
2020 ARKIVOC  
Electronegativity differences between bonding atoms have major effects on the strengths of chemical bonds but they affect two-centre and three-centre bonds in different ways and with different consequences. The effect on two-centre bonds was recognised almost 100 years ago but the influence of electronegativity difference on three-centre bonding has received less attention. Molecular orbital models of three-centre bonding are discussed and their application to the understanding of the
more » ... ng of the properties of three-centre bonded species illustrated. h (b units) -4 -2 0 2 4
doi:10.24820/ark.5550190.p011.203 fatcat:7ilrwxqpvjeadb42yaq7qiyodi