Natural and preformed physical factors in the immunorehabilitation of psoriasis patients: The comparison of effectiveness

Olha I. Lemko, Nataliya V. Vantyukh, Ivan S. Lemko
2013 Balneo Research Journal  
64 psoriasis patients with moderate to severe form of the disease in its stationary stage and associated pathology of main excretory and detoxification systems were investigated. All patients were treated according to two medical complexes (MC). 32 patients were treated according to MC-1, which included sulphide mud applications at temperatures 42 0 C for 10-30 minutes; artificial brine baths of sodium chloride concentration of 60-120 g/l at a temperature of 38 0 C for 10-30 minutes; artificial
more » ... minutes; artificial ultraviolet irradiation up to 2 biodoses and daily (except Sunday) sessions of haloaerosoltherapy (artificial analogy of salt mine's aerosol) lasting 60 minutes. The treatment duration was 3 weeks. Another group of patients (32 persons) received MC-2. This complex included procedures, according to MC-1, completed with additional internal use of carbonic middle-mineralised boric bicarbonate sodium mineral water Luzhanskaya-7 (the type of Vichy) with the aim of detoxification. It was found that complex recovery treatment based on non-medicinal factorsphotobalneotherapy and haloaerosoltherapy (MC-1) has a positive effect on the clinical symptoms of psoriasis and immune status of patients. These positive changes were testified by the corresponding change in the PASI-index (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index), ∆PASI and dynamics of some immunological parameters. At the same time more pronounced positive dynamics of cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis and higher percent of patients with significant improvement by the end of treatment was achieved under the influence of MC-2. In addition, normalization of the neutrophils' absorbtive capasity by the level of PhAN (phagocytic activity of neutrophils -percentage of neutrophils wich ingurgitate latex) and certain improvement of their oxygen-dependent metabolism was observed under the influence of MC-2. The level of CD3 + -CD8 + -lymphocytes had also a tendency to increase in the group of patients who received MC-2 in with contradiction to MC-1. A significant decrease of Blymphocytes level was also observed in this group of patients. The higher indirect imunorehabilitative effect of MC-2 including mineral water Luzhanskaya-7 intake enriched with sulfates may be conditioned by the corrective influence of mineral water on the functional digestive and urinary disorders, reduction of endogenous intoxication manifestations and antigens flow from the gastrointestinal tract to lymphoid follicles. Conclusion: The received data testified the expediency of non-medicinal supplementation of rehabilitation treatment of psoriasis patients by internal use of bicarbonate sodium mineral water in case of associated pathology and more severe immunological disorders.
doi:10.12680/balneo.2013.1049 fatcat:5dxsvwldlvghdion6wmkdfc2ju